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Consulting Overview

In some situations, management has the need to utilize an outside party to provide frank and candid feedback of situations that are of concern or may become contentious. Major projects are a good example of such situations. It is very common for a company who is undertaking a major project to utilize a third party to evaluate the status of a project to determine or confirm the progress payment milestone as compared to the contract. In many cases when the project being performed is not local to a company location, management may want to utilize an "owner representative" to maintain a presence at the project and provide daily reports of progress, quality, problem, safety, etc.

Flournoy Engineering and Consulting has a broad base of experience including large and small plant industrial maintenance, capital projects ranging from one to over forty million dollars, new facility and new site expansion, business startups and acquisitions, and production management. Please contact us to discuss any interest you may have with our consulting services listed below.

  • Capital projects
  • Construction
  • Site management
  • Owner representative
  • D/B contract review and evaluation
  • Project documentation
  • Production operation optimization
  • Plant equipment layout
  • Manpower skills assessment
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Site safety manager
  • Quality plans
  • Emergency Plans
  • Strike contingency plans