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Flournoy Engineering and Consulting (FEC) offers a variety of services that can be utilized standalone or as integrated solutions to business needs.

Some businesses need a solution that targets a specific, well defined problem. Customers who have a great deal of experience and understanding of their process have often already identified their problem and defined the solution they require. For these customers we stand ready to provide services that target the solution and integrate our service into their existing solution plan.

Many businesses operate very well with a stable production schedule as long as equipment is performing as it should and there are no changes needed to the original design of the operation or the product. However, very few businesses have been able to stay the same as the rest of our industry changes, upgrades, produces better quality or becomes more cost competitive. Many of these customers do not have an engineering staff that is monitoring the processes and looking for ways to optimize or upgrade the operation. FEC has the depth of experience and diversity of disciplines to be able to work seamlessly with the management, operations, and maintenance teams of a facility to identify problems and opportunities, propose varying degrees of solutions, and develop an implementation plan. If desired FEC can see the plan through conversion/construction, startup, and training/handoff.

You'll find that we have provided a rather lengthy listing of our services in an effort to help describe many options. These services are available as specific tools or a building blocks for complete solutions. However, many times the best way to start is to simply discuss the needs and talk through the possibilities. So feel free to contact us by phone and get some answers to what we can do for you.