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Projects Overview

Many expansions, upgrades or conversions have a longer life span than normal duration upgrades and maintenance events. These type of projects generally have more risk of schedule creep as well as a greater need for tight quality and safety control. Projects also carry an inherit problem that funds and spending schedules can be abused because it is more difficult to clearly identify the progress of the entire project compared to a smaller, well defined maintenance upgrade. The occurrence of small add-in jobs, work not related to the primary scope, is also a common occurrence during long duration projects.

Flournoy Engineering and Consulting has extensive experience in project work in general as well as each component of a project. From project conception to funding documents, from construction contracts to progress payments, and to the completion and close-out with all hand-off documents, FEC can help you start and finish a project the way you want it done.

The following is a brief outline of some of the more well know aspects of project work and areas that we are prepared to handle or assist with. For more details on our project experience and a review of your potential project, feel free to contact us for a call or meeting.


Retrofit and Upgrades can be small, short duration jobs. More often they involve an analysis of the foundation and supporting structures, the infrastructure ties to or feeding the area being changed, and in nearly every case, the effects of the changes will have an impact on productivity or quality. While it is generally the latter than drives the demand for such a project, there are also cases where the existing equipment cannot be repaired or replaced with like-kind equipment and so productivity and quality, while driving the change, will nonetheless be affected. A few of the areas that FEC has experience with respect to retrofits and upgrades include:

  • Productivity and Manpower Impact

  • Quality Impact

  • Suitable Replacement Upgrades

  • End-of-life Equipment Solutions

  • Conceptual Studies

  • Equipment Specifications (for POs)

  • Construction Bid Documents

  • Integrated Equipment Layout

  • Creating Existing Arrangement Drawings for Change Planning

  • Existing and Required Infrastructure Analysis

  • Cost Estimates and ROI Planning

  • Safety and Ergonomics Review


CapEx (capital expenditure or capital project) work refers to what many companies deem their new facility projects or large expansions, greenfield or brownfield projects, to be classified from a financial perspective. In either case, this typically requires an approach that is involved with a creating a detailed document that helps to define, justify, fund, and execute the project. While many of the component of a CapEx project will parallel those of a retrofit or upgrade, the depth and breadth of the scope are more demanding and critical with CapEx work. FEC has been on the ground floor of many capital expenditure projects and can bring that experience to the table in parts or in whole. Some of the considerations that should be noted and addressed are:

  • Conceptual Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Scope and Justification Documents
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Design and/or Build Contracts
  • Purchase Order / Bid Documents
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Quality and Safety Evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Progress Payment Evaluation
  • Project Closeout and Startup
  • As-built Documentation
  • Job Safety Analysis Documentation
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Spare Parts Planning
  • Complete Project Turn-key Management